AGAPE’s mission is to provide critical housing and life skills that empower women and their children to transform from crisis and poverty to self-sustaining, fulfilling lives.

To meet the most urgent and unmet need of shelter, Agape is assembling and will manage an inventory of stable, safe and affordable housing utilizing existing facilities including extended stay hotels, apartments and single family homes. Because housing is not all that is needed to overcome the detrimental impact of poverty and crisis, Agape will collaborate with existing mercy service agencies to create a holistic continuum of care (sustenance, physical and spiritual well being, education, and counseling) and will advocate for action to fill unmet needs such as affordable and effective childcare and job skill training.



The Wesley Inn Program of Promise House guides 14-20-year-old homeless pregnant and parenting teen mothers to become healthy, independent and nurturing parents. As a group residence for homeless teen mothers and their children, the Wesley Inn Program provides a safe residence for up to 12 moms and babies. Residents may stay in the program for up to two years and are encouraged to stay at least 90 days. During this time, each resident and her child benefit from a wide range of services and training opportunities.

Women With Promise supported Wesley Inn by presenting the residents with life skills workshops including self-esteem, parenting, financial, personal, nutritional and career programs that are immediately applicable in their lives. Not every get-together is a lesson, though. Mother’s Day, baby’s births, and holidays were celebrated with special events planned and presented by WWP.